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Tips on Selling Your Home

The Home Sales Kit:
Selling Your Own Home Made Easy  

House Selling for Dummies - Here is the best way to save time money and your sanity when selling your home - with or without an agent. House Selling For Dummies 2nd Edition includes handy checklists to use when selling a home and provides the tools and techniques for making wise home selling decisions with solid financial planning. Plus you will find coverage on how to enlist the help of the right real estate and financial professionals to aid the home selling process. This friendly guide cuts through all the real estate lingo and explains in plain English all of the elements that are important when selling a home.

House Selling for Dummies

Buy Rent and Sell - Whether you are looking for a quick return or a reliable secure long-term income and growth investment you will find it here in this guide. This book explains in layman's terms everything about flipping homes - holding homes as long-term investments and the tax consequences of each type of transaction. This book is an excellent guide. It is reasonably priced (at only $10.46) for the amount of information you will receive.

Buy, Rent, and Sell How to Profit by Investing in Residential Real Estate

Buy It, Fix It, Sell It: Profit! 
A Comprehensive Guide
 to No-Sweat Money-Making Home

Seller Beware!
Insider Secrets 
You Need to Know about Selling Your 
House from Listing through Closing the Deal


What's the first thing I should do to prepare a home for sale?

The first thing you need to do is start thinking about your home as a commodity that you want to sell. To be a successful seller, you must detach yourself emotionally from your home and be honest about how it should look in order to sell. Property condition and appearance play big roles in home sales. Buyers discount the price if a home needs work. You do not have to spend a fortune preparing your home for sale. Concentrate on cost-effective improvements that will give you a good return on your investment.

What improvements should I make when selling my house?

There is more than one way to sell a house, but most experts agree that spending time on a few basic home improvements can pay dividends. Projects such as resurfacing kitchen cabinets, installing closet storage systems, repainting rooms and hiring a cleaning crew to clean everything from walls and woodwork to carpets and mini-blinds can help sell a home. Other quick fixes that will catch a buyer's eye include freshly trimmed shrubs and trees, new house numbers or a new front door.

What is the least expensive repair I can make to get my home ready for sale?

Painting is the least expensive improvement you can make to a home. A neutral decor may seem boring, but it is a safe bet from a resale standpoint. The same goes for floor coverings: stick to neutral linoleum and carpet.

What are the best colors to paint the exterior of my home if I intend to sell soon?

Use neutral colors for the house--white, light gray or tan. You may choose a bolder complementary color for the trim, but save the most vivid color to accent the front door.

What color should we paint the interior of a house that we intend to sell soon? Do I have to live with a boring shade of white until we sell?

Not necessarily. Look for pastels and neutral shades that complement the carpeting and window coverings. Avoid dramatic colors such as red, bright yellow, bold blue or emerald green. Add bold accents with area rugs, tablecloths, sofa pillows, and quilts.

How long does it usually take for a home to sell?

Most houses usually take three to four months to sell in a typical real estate market. In a hot market, however, homes can sell the day they go up for sale. In a slow market, homes may sit for months--even longer--before selling. When considering your selling strategy, take the time to research your home's value online and get at least one comparative market analysis to set your price appropriately. If you need to sell quickly and the market is slow, you may have to do extra work to stage your home for sale or set a lower price to attract buyers.

What is the best pricing strategy to use when I am ready to sell?

The best strategy is to set a price closest to what a reasonable buyer would expect to pay, given recent comparable sales and market conditions as well as your home's location, condition, and competition. Get an estimate of your home's value online. If you are planning to work with a listing agent, ask at least three to prepare a comparative market analysis and a sales presentation for you. This will give you three takes on recent sales, and listing information about similar nearby properties currently for sale. Don't necessarily choose the agent who suggests the highest list price; also look for the best marketing plan along with the best personality for your style and needs.

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